For music has no boundaries and limits, so we believe in creating soulful symphonies born out of rich elements of Sufi, folk, Bollywood, retro and western genres.

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Why Choose Us?


While this must sound clichéd, it is simply the truth. We experiment with musical influences from an array of genres and so we bring a fresh flavor to your musical palette.


Our musical arrangement is the reason why we sound so different. Having traditional Indian instruments added to the typical western ensemble of a band makes our tunes special.


The best of talents are lost without passion. Lucky for us the flames of our fiery spirits can never be put out so deep is our love for our project.We are always ready to rock you!

Our Story

Pursuing a career in music is considered as a brave, but more often a foolhardy decision. As musicians now, we have proven ourselves as certified risk-takers.

Our story began way before the band itself came into being. While Pratham Tandon, our Keyboardist, was running a restaurant in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh, Mohit Arya, our lead guitarist, was pursuing a job in the capacity of a company secretary. Both were well aware of their talents and they knew that something was a miss. By 2016, they had realized that music had to be a permanent, full-time feature of their life.

Leaving the job and closing down the restaurant respectively, they set out on the journey of creating the Project Raag and ended up finding two real gems to adorn the stage for their every performance. Rahul Rana joined the band as the lead vocalist and his powerful voice enthralls the audience.

The Project Raag’s journey has just begun and is already on its way to achieving new heights. We will play with the same zeal and the same love till eternity.

Meet Our Team


Pratham Tandon



Mohit Arya



Rahul Rana


Pratham Tandon

The very talented keyboardist of the band works a world of magic on his instrument but then, that is something to be expected of someone associated with music for the past 15 years. Pratham has done some great work in the industry including contributions to Bollywood. He has toured around the world, visiting more than 25 countries and doing what he loves – playing music. Former owner of a restaurant in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh, he shut down his lucrative business to pursue his passion.

Mohit Arya

Managing the responsibilities of being a company secretary and running a parallel life as a musician had earlier left our gifted guitarist in a dilemma as to where did he truly belong. Now, clear as a crystal in his goals, a full-time musician, Mohit can charm the world with his six-string. Together, Pratham and Mohit decided to create something that isn’t out there in the realms of music – something new and something unique. Something very much like “The Project Raag”.

Rahul Rana

Our lead vocalist was born with music in the blood running through his veins. Trained as a classical singer, he belongs to the Dilli Gharana. Rahul's style of singing can be described as Sufi Bollywood and Retro he has a habit of using this distinction to always leave his audience in awe.